McWEB Accounting


McDonald’s Franchise Operator’s Accounting and Management System

McWEB Accounting is the ultimate back office application suite for the McDonald’s Franchise Operator.  McWEB is made of integrated modules, including: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Payroll (w/Direct Deposit), Crew Labor System, Point of Sale System, Report Writer, Promethean Backup, and much more!

McWEB Accounting IS Fully ACA Compliant!

With 30 Years of Continual Development, McWEB Accounting is Uniquely Tailored to the McDonald’s Franchise Operator’s requirements.

McWEB Accounting now runs in the Cloud through Promethean’s McWEB Cloud Servers.  This frees the operator from the costs and headaches of in-house servers.  Running the Cloud also enables the operator and staff to have access to the system from anywhere, at anytime!!

McWEB interfaces directly with the ISP in each store, polling each store nightly, and uploading all of the operating and accounting information.

McWEB is in continual development, with new features added on a regular basis. As new technologies become available, McWEB will incorporate them, enhancing the user experience. When the business environment changes, as is currently the case is with the Affordable Healthcare Act, McWEB will address all new requirements and challenges.